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iGlobe can be your best partner because we are passionate to offer one-stop services to you, at the most attractive price! Our experienced translators are committed to helping you conquer the international market by seamlessly integrating your game with local cultures.

We value quality and style, and are dedicated to bring freshness to your fabulous creations. Our exceptional customer service and community management helps  you build and maintain an inviting environment for existing and new players, globally. Don’t miss our marketing strategies that are tailored to you.

We provide reliability, integrity, and dynamic growth. iGlobe’s mission is to help you succeed globally.

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Our Services

Game localization
in all major languages

Our team consists of native language translators who are based in your target markets, providing localization services in all major languages to help your game win over local players quickly, so that your business can flourish and reach all corners of the world.

project management

With our top-notch project managers, you can definitely expect results through our efficient and effective localization processes: auditing quality of translations, monitoring progress of projects, and evaluating market reactions in time so as to make sure your products are taking the market by storm!

Customer Service
& Community Management

Timely feedback to your customers builds loyalty and increases your sales. We have perfected the art of being reliable through our exceptional multilingual customer service. In so doing, we help you build and develop a dynamic community that makes game localization borderless.

Customized market
development strategies

To attract players from across the world, we customize our marketing development strategies to reach a wider playerbase. We help create, optimize, deliver and track campaigns in key target markets across all channels, including in-game marketing to increase purchases.

Why Us?

Our dedicated team of translators are native speakers who are not only masters of their jobs but are also gamers with experience in the industry, which is an added advantage.

We exert rigorous quality control. Our LocQA experts excel at adhering to industry standards, paying attention to detail, and verifying work down to the smallest detail.

In terms of price versus performance, we can offer you a lot of savings, enabling you to compete favorably in the market.

For the same quality, our prices are so affordable that we don’t even want our competitors to know about them. Please contact us for a quote, you will not regret. We will beat any competitor’s offer, guaranteed!

Time is money, efficiency is life, and our team is driven to work hard for you!

Our workforce is strategically located globally so that we can take advantage of the time zone differences by working around the clock. Therefore, you may drop off your order at the end of day, and then wake up with finished work delivered to your mailbox.

iGlobe’s extensive pool of linguistic talents can flexibly match the speed of your development. Whether you’re going from 0 to 1, or from 1 to one million, we can scale up to match your growth in real time!

In addition, our local experts provide advice and assistance with game design and marketing strategies; we also offer customized AI + human customer service to satisfy your users.

We manage the playerbase community to improve their loyalty and activate their positive community-sharing, taking your game market penetration and sales to snowball!

No more worries about supply disruptions!

With the ongoing geopolitical turmoil and the decoupling of the United States and China, we have adopted a global strategy to manage the risks.

We have established a global network with a headquarter in Canada and a service centre in China so that our key personnel are well-prepared to keep your growth plans from being negatively affected.

Our key communication tools include DingTalk, WeChat, Slack and so on to ensure a smooth flow of information, and we accept payments in major currencies.

Multilingual versions for many markets is in itself the best approach to mitigate the risks in global expansion, and iGlobe is surely your best partner!

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We treasure individuals who can complement our team with global expertise.
There’s no other recipe for a fun and engaging experience than what we offer.
We are the grease in the supply chain for game localization. In addition to just replacing languages, we pay close attention to localization for game-related hardware and software, as well as for cultural, legal, graphic, musical, and religious factors.
We are a group of people who truly enjoy games and understand the logic of gaming scenarios, well versed in local cultures and linguistic skills.
iGlobe focuses on dynamic growth with you.