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3 Ways Social Media Enhances Customer Experience

By Hagen Weiss

With the rapidly evolving nature of social media, it may be a daunting task to keep up. However, the benefits of these are undeniable. Consider some of these stats:



The simple fact is, your customers are on social media. This means these sites must be part of every company’s marketing strategy when it comes to improving customer experience. Here are three ways social media enhances customer experience.


1. Offering Valuable Content

The customer journey is a process. Trust and loyalty must be earned before committing to your business offerings.

Social media allows you to build that trust through valuable and engaging content. For gaming companies, that could mean offering tips and tricks, game guides, or other interesting game footage that would benefit your customer. Consistently offering valuable content helps build a relationship between you and your customer.


2. Quicker Response Times

According to a SuperOffice survey, the most important factor for excellent customer service is quick response times. However, the same survey shows that it takes an average of 12 hours and 10 minutes for companies to respond to customer service requests. Additionally, 62% of companies do not respond to customer emails at all.

Social-media gives you opportunities to respond quickly, and sometimes even immediately, to customer concerns. By addressing concerns on this, customers can avoid the often lengthy process of opening a ticket and waiting for an email response.


3. Targeting ‘Non-Gamers’

Over the years, the label ‘gamer’ has taken on new meaning. Now, essentially anybody and everybody is considered a gamer – from your hardcore PC gaming friend to your mom who plays Candy Crush to even your grandma.

Social media marketing humanizes and personalizes companies and their brand. It offers a chance for companies to not only promote their products, but to provide glimpses of behind-the-scenes, how the company came to be, and the people behind the brand. By humanizing your brand, companies can better reach gamers and non-gamers alike.


Tips to Up Your Social Media Game

  • Choosing the best social media platforms: Different social media platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, YouTube is an important platform for game marketing as it allows you to share videos, updates, tips, and more. For more dedicated gamers, Steam or Discord are platforms where your audience may be most active. Understand where your audience hangs out and target your social media strategy accordingly.
  • Hire a Community Manager: With so many different social media platforms, keeping up with engaging content can be difficult. Hiring community managers can help alleviate this challenge. They’ll come up with a media plan and help you with the time-consuming task of engaging with your audience on the various platforms.
  • Partner with influencers: The power of influencers cannot be overstated. Not only will you boost engagement, but it’ll give your company some legitimacy and brand approval. Connect with other gaming personalities to help promote your brand.
  • Respond to your followers: Being responsive shows to your audience you care about their thoughts and opinions. Shouting out to your fans when they provide a positive review can go a long way in fostering that relationship. Likewise, being transparent and admitting mistakes can also demonstrate your commitment to improving customer experience.


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Social media plays a key role in offering customers with the best experience possible. Companies need to have a strategy in place to effectively reach their audiences.

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