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5 Ways to Collect Voice of Customer Data

By Hagen Weiss




In our earlier post, we discussed the importance of Voice of Customer data in customer engagement. Voice of customer data allows you to get into the minds of your customer so you can meet them where they’re at. This data can impact all aspects of your business, from your marketing to customer service to, ultimately, your bottom line.

What are some ways you can collect VoC data? Let’s explore five strategies you can utilize to better understand your customers.

1. Customer Interviews

Customer interviews are one of the best ways to dig deep into what a user feels about your product. Because it’s typically done either on the phone or in-person, you have the opportunity to ask probing and clarifying questions on your services, product, and other issues.

Since it requires time and effort, it might not be easy to have customers agree to participate. Reach out to customers who are enthusiastic about your services. It could be someone who recently posted a glowing review on social media. Alternatively, you could offer incentives (i.e. freebies) in exchange for their time.

2. Surveys

If you want to sample a larger population of your customers, surveys are a great option. Two common types of surveys at your disposal include long-form and in-app surveys.


  • Long-form surveys: With long-form surveys, you can ask your customers multiple choice questions or open-ended questions. The key to this type of survey is to make sure you don’t ask too many questions. Generally, 5-10 questions is a good range before customers start losing interest.
  • In-app surveys: In-app surveys are shorter and generally ask 2-3 questions. You’ll want to trigger an in-app survey after a user completes an experience or takes a specific action. The goal is to collect feedback on what the customer feels at a particular point in time while using your app.


You can also have a survey on your site as well. Either has it as a quick pop-up or perhaps after a transaction (i.e. thank you page) – both would work well in collecting customer feedback.

3. Mining Social Media & Forums

Places like Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and other forums are a goldmine of valuable customer feedback. Wherever your customers hang out, there is bound to be praise, complaints, and other comments on their experience with your product.


Sifting through social media comments can be a grind, but is well worth your time. You may start to notice common themes or messages customers are using to describe their experience. Take advantage of these messages to better serve and engage with your customers.

4. Online User Tests & Polls

If you don’t have a large email list, or, perhaps you’re just starting out as a new company, you can pay for other users to use your product and provide feedback. Services like UserTesting or Pollfish allow you to develop a series of tests or questions targeted to a demographic of your choosing.


This option is also great if you want to find prospective leads in a different target market. These services allow you to customize your audiences according to their country, profession, age, interests, and more. You’ll be able to ask them questions to identify their concerns and hesitations to your particular product.

5. Live Chats or Chatbots

Adding a live chat or chatbot component to your site gives you two advantages: quickly address your customers’ concerns and allows you to collect voice of customer data. Emails and support tickets are often long and cumbersome. Nowadays, customers are expecting almost immediate responses to their issues and concerns. Analyze chat logs to see the types of questions customers are asking – you’ll have a better basis for engaging with your audience through the VoC data acquired here.


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Using these five methods will provide you with valuable customer data you can leverage to better engage your customers.


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