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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience for Gamers

The gaming industry is rapidly growing, and there are no signs of slowing any time soon. There are over 2.7 billion gamers in the world spending $159.3 billion on games in 2020. It’s estimated spending will exceed $200 billion by 2023.

Customer experience is crucial when it comes to customer retention, reaching out to new gamers, and growing your revenue. Let’s explore five ways you can improve customer experience for gamers.

1. Improving Gameplay For Gamers

You won’t have satisfied customers if your gameplay is lacking. The expectations from gamers for flawless gameplay are extremely high. This means ensuring the following are in order:

  • Story: You need an engaging story with relatable characters. The story plays a massive role in engaging your gamer on an emotional level.
  • Graphics & sound: Nothing turns-off gamers more than poor-quality graphics or sounds. Visual errors or annoying music can quickly have gamers moving onto the next game.
  • Game mechanics: There’s a fine balance having the difficulty level too high or too low. Finding that balance is key for gaming engagement. The mechanics and the gameplay must be thoughtful and smooth for your customers.

2. Engage With Gamers

Engaging with gamers can really boost customer experience. The less of a wall between the developers and the gamers, the better.

Gamers are known to be active in a variety of gaming forums, social media, and other online platforms. There will always be technical queries, concerns, or suggestions from your customers. Meet them where they’re at, be it on Play Stores  under the reviews, on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Discord, and you’ll notice better retention, revenue, and engagement.

3. Prioritizing data security

As a gaming or app company, you’ll be handling the personal information of your customers. Gamers need to be assured their accounts, passwords, and personal profiles are safe. That’s why it’s important to protect their data from malicious attacks or hackers.

Take steps to protect your customer’s data:

  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Apply firewalls
  • Use Risk-Based Authentication
  • Utilize password management software
  • Provide parents with ways to limit a child’s access

4. Quick customer support

When a game crashes, gamers expect the problem to be solved immediately. Downtime ruins the user experience and can result in them dropping the game altogether.

Your customer support team needs to be proactive and available at a moment’s notice. The faster you can respond to issues, the better the experience for the gamer. Build-in multiple options for users to reach you, whether that’s in-game or outside through Help Centers or email.

An important aspect many developers overlook: If you localize your game into particular languages, they expect customer service, community management, and social media pages in the same language. Failing to do that will reduce your retention rate and can lead to a damaged reputation due to negative reviews.

5. Ensure High-Quality Localization

Mistranslations, irrelevant idioms, and other cultural faux pas can be disruptive to the user experience. Gamers will be the first to point out these mistakes and can often be unforgiving. Your reputation can be on the line with these errors.

When localizing your game, ensure your translations, regional adaptations, and gameplay all work seamlessly together. Hire professional translators or localizers that understand the market you are targeting.

iGlobe: Localization & Translation Agency

Customer experience is a vital aspect of any business. Neglecting it could be harmful and cost you customers, and ultimately, revenue.

iGlobe offers an all-in-one solution for your gaming studio: Localization, customer service, social media, and marketing management. Contact us today to take the next step of your journey! iGlobe will work with you to ensure the best user experience for your markets overseas.