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Advantages of Hiring an Agency vs. an Individual Translator

By Hagen Weiss

When businesses need their products translated into different languages, they have the option of hiring either a translation agency or an individual translator.

Depending on your needs, one may be more suitable than the other. However, hiring a translation agency does have certain advantages – especially for sizable multiple language projects.

Read on to discover how hiring an agency can benefit your business.

1. Quality individual translator vs. agency

The main benefit of hiring an agency would be the quality of translation & localization. Sloppy or awkward translation looks unprofessional and can give your business a poor reputation. Additionally, your business can suffer from a loss of credibility.

An agency will have stringent quality assurance procedures in place. Translations of documents, apps, or software will undergo multiple reviews by expert translators or linguists. These QA procedures give you full assurance the translation will be of the highest quality.

2. Ability to handle an increased workload

Individual translators have a limited capacity to take on larger translation jobs. They simply don’t have the resources and manpower.

An agency, on the other hand, will have teams of translators dedicated to your job, large or small. With increased capacity, agencies can complete your job quickly, without sacrificing the quality of translations.

3. Save time & money on screening individual translator

Getting a suitable translator is vital to getting your job done right. Re-work, delays, and quality issues can cost your company time and money if you hire the wrong translator.

With an agency, they have rigorous screening methods and only hire the best translators. Agencies hand-pick translators based not only on their writing skills but also on their field of expertise, including business, finance, legal, software development, and more. An agency does the hard work of vetting highly qualified translators, saving your company the headache of hiring the wrong individual.

4. Streamlined communications

At an agency, all your communications will be streamlined through one point of contact, your project manager. It doesn’t matter how large your job is or how many translators are working on your particular documents – communication is kept simple when working with an agency. Project managers are generally easy to connect with and will keep you updated with the progress of the project.

5. Multilingual services

With an individual translator, you’ll typically get fewer options for language translations. But, what if you want to translate your product into multiple languages? Or perhaps you want to translate your products in the same language, but differing variants, based on the location.

This is where a translation agency can help. Agencies draw on a larger pool of professional translators or linguists to get your product translated into more languages. Moreover, they have access to software and other specialized translation tools freelancers may not have access to, ensuring you get accurate and speedy translations.

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