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Best Practices for App Store Screenshots

By Hagen Weiss

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Screenshots are a key aspect of your app store listing. You have only a few seconds to capture the user’s attention when they are scrolling through the thousands of apps. Poor quality screenshots not optimized for the app store can quickly deter the browser.

That is why you need to ensure your screenshots are properly optimized. Here are some of the best app store screenshot practices you should consider.

1. Choose Your First App Store Screenshot Carefully

First impressions matter. Your first screenshot is that first impression. Therefore, you need to choose a screenshot that grabs the user’s attention.

Your first screenshot should be a high-quality capture or image of what your app is all about. Users should be able to briefly scan the screenshot and understand what your key message is. Utilize bright and bold colors to make your app really stand out among the others.

2. Portrait vs. Landscape

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store display portrait/landscape screenshots in a similar fashion. The first three portrait screenshots will be displayed at the same time for both stores. In contrast, only one landscape screenshot will display at a time.

For most applications, portrait mode is the preferred option. With the three screenshots, users can see more info without further scrolling.

However, for gaming apps, landscape leads to better results. This is because most games (i.e. RPG, multiplayer, action, etc.) are played in landscape mode. Gamers are already used to the orientation. Landscape images allow you to highlight a lot more details of translating your game than portrait mode would.

3. App Store Screenshot Colors

There is no one correct way to choose your colors. You can choose to stick to your branding colors. Alternatively, you can use a custom coloring scheme to attract users.

Different colors will give off different messages. For instance:


  • Red: Creates a sense of urgency. High in energy and grabs your attention.
  • Black: Modern, sleek, and gives off a luxurious feel.
  • Green: Associated with wealth, nature, and health. Relaxing and calming to the eye.
  • Yellow: Optimism and enthusiasm. Draws in impulsive buyers or window shoppers.


Before settling on a color scheme, make sure you understand what type of message you are conveying through your choices.

4. Localization

Ensure your app is localized for the appropriate market. Proper localization of your screenshot includes:

  • Translating text
  • Ensuring images are culturally appropriate
  • Removing any language-specific idioms or references
  • Checking for units of measurement (i.e. imperial vs. metric)
  • Checking for currency
  • Formatting for device preference

The more you tailor your screenshots to the intended market, the more comfortable users will be with your app.

5. A/B Testing

You won’t really know which screenshot combination will work till you test it. Come up with different variations of your screenshots. Change up the image, keywords, or coloring schemes.

After a while, you’ll notice certain combinations of screenshots will convert better. App store optimization is always a process of testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

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