Some of our talents say hi!

Language/Title: German/Project Manager

Summary: Project Manager with 10 years of experience as a translator and localization specialist with a broad background in the mobile gaming industry, online marketing, and social media management (Space Ape Games, Hutch Games, KONAMI, and other classified companies). Raised binationally as German and Brazilian, Hagen lived in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Düsseldorf, Germany most of his time until he moved to Cuernavaca, Mexico where he currently lives with his wife. He has a B.Sc. in European Public Administration from the University of Twente, a Global MBA at the Queen Mary University of London, and a CAPM certification.

3 fun/interesting facts: Speaks 4 languages fluently; Had a metal band; Has 2 Exotic Short Hair Persians

Inner Animal: Wolf

Favorite Snack: Quesadilla

Language/Title: Voice Over Project Director

Summary: Highly skilled audio producer and composer with experience working for clients such as Amazon and Universal Music Group. Aaron began his education in Piano Repertoire and Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. After a shift to Biomedical Sciences (which he graduated with Honors), Aaron decided to go back to his passion – the arts.
Aaron has been working in production and entertainment for several years now and has successfully contributed to 4 mobile games, 2 AAA games, 1 music app, and a variety of songs and audiobooks that have reached the billboard top 100 charts. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys hanging out with family, scoring movie scenes, and playing video games.

3 fun/interesting facts: Speaks 4 languages, plays piano & guitar, has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Minor in Psychology (B.sc – Honors)

Inner Animal: Labrador Retriever

Favorite Snack: Sushi, Popcorn

Language/Title: Russian

Summary: Alexander lives in the small city of Izhevsk in Russia with his wife and cat Sofia. Alexander graduated Izhevsk State Technical University. He wrote articles in local city magazines about the history, travel and customs of different countries. He worked as an editor of science fiction novels. Translated technical literature from English to Russian. His passion has always

3 fun/interesting facts: I didn’t watch “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” because I didn’t want the story to end.
During the night, I translated an article for a course project from Japanese, having never studied it before.
I dream of opening my own University one day.

Inner Animal: Panda

Favorite Snack: Hazelnuts

Language/Title: Portuguese

Summary: I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese with 9+ years of experience as an English Teacher and Translator, Localizer, Transcriber, and Researcher/Writer. I am also a Journalist, and I have excellent skills in Brazilian-Portuguese spelling and grammar. As a Translator, I have collaborated in recent years with TicTales, BAM!, and Chapters. I have also studied English in Canada and worked at Walt Disney World as Attractions Hostess in Orlando, Florida. These two experiences enabled me to improve my English skills, once I had to interact and help a lot of people from all over the world. I’m flexible with my working hours and very reliable when it comes to meet deadlines. It is always my goal to exceed my client expectations.

3 fun/interesting facts: I am vegan. I always read more than 3 books at the same time. I love travelling.

Inner Animal: Butterfly

Favorite Snack: Popcorn

Language/Title: Spanish

Summary: I am a lawyer from Mexico. I have been working for 11 years as a freelancer for clients such as: Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, LAPhil, The HollywoodBowl, William Hill Casino and many more. As a lawyer I have worked for the Institute of Judicial Investigations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, for CENAPRED and National Council to Prevent Discrimination. I have also written for different magazines about travelling and Constitutional Law.

3 fun/interesting facts: I love: 1.Mountains. 2.Trail running. 3. Photography

Inner Animal: Snow Leopard

Favorite Snack: Hot nuts with jalapeño

Language/Title: French

Summary: When Tiphaine was 15, the sixth Harry Potter novel was released. Instead of waiting five months for the French translation to become available, she decided to read the book in English. Thus, her passion for languages was born. 15 years later and Tiphaine is living in London, doing what she likes most: translating. After graduating with her master’s degree in Multilingual Specialised Translation in French, English and Japanese from Université Stendhal (now Université Grenoble Alpes), she started working for a translation agency where she gained invaluable experience translating for various industries: healthcare, market research and marketing – to name a few. After this, she worked as Localisation Specialist for a software company which enabled her to increase her skills by project managing the content for the French market. Always eager to develop her abilities, and guided by her curiosity, Tiphaine thrives on challenging projects.

3 fun/interesting facts: I ran a marathon once. Never again.
I’ve lived in Japan.
I get hungry if I do not eat every two hours.

Inner Animal: Fox

Favorite Snack: Salt and vinegar crisps

Language/Title: Korean

Summary: Entering one of the few public international highschools of Korea was the beginning of the passionate journey between Subin and foreign languages. Open-minded, motivated, and curious about the world, Subin was an in-school reporter for the English magazine when she was in Chung-ang University. She soon realized that her world was not limited to Korea. After graduating, majoring in History, and a European tour, she decided to settle in Vietnam. First, she worked in a travel agency, but when the opportunity to be part of in international school came up, she seized it and started to work in 4 Life Unschool. There, she was the head of translation and parents communication. After this first mission, she started working with international clients, translating Korean TV shows, Youtube videos, and short films for festivals. She is now specialized in app localization and helped the localizing project of BolttPlay, Instabord, MahjongSolitaire, and Picturethis.

3 fun/interesting facts: I love animals but animals seem don’t like me.
I love detective TV shows.
I recently learned how to ride a bicycle.

Inner Animal: Hedgehog

Favorite Snack: Potato chips

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Language/Title: Chinese, Founder

Summary: Born and raised in China, Clint was educated in the prestigious Tsinghua University of Beijing and the Sauder Business School of UBC in Vancouver. Having moved to Canada since 1997, he started his career in translation by participating in preparing the English regulatory filing for the first new drug to enter the North America markets from China. He founded iGlobe Advisory Inc. in the winter of 2008, and then created Jooyee.com in 2017 to help cross-language distribution of public information. As a seasoned entrepreneur and translator, Clint specializes in localization and business development. Although being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he has successfully lived free of medication by taking low carb diet since the beginning. He has also accomplished a health coach program to voluntarily help others who are affected by the same disease. Indulging in the natural beauty of Vancouver, he is a big fan of swimming and hiking.

3 fun/interesting facts: I am on low carb diet for health reasons.
Have switched to jogging from swimming due to COVID-19.
Call my mom every weekend to cheer her up.

Inner Animal: a dog that doesn’t shed

Favorite Snack: Mini tomatoes