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How Voice of Customer Data Can Boost Customer Engagement

By Hagen Weiss

Companies in the modern age are constantly figuring out the best ways for customer engagement. Why should you engage your customers?

A Salesforce study found that customers expect companies to understand what they want before they ask. Additionally, according to customers, the three foundations of exceptional customer engagement are personalization, timeliness, and connectivity. Ultimately, the more engaged your customers are, the more sales you’ll see.

But, what are the best ways to engage with your customers? How do you position your messaging, brand, and services so that your customers will respond positively to your company?

Finding the answers to these questions is not easy. This is where Voice of Customer (VoC) research can help.

What Exactly is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer is the customers’ feedback, concerns, expectations, and preferences on a company’s service or product. It is insight into the mind of the customers when using your product, including:


  • How they are feeling before, during, and after using your product
  • What type of job or goal they want to achieve
  • What are some concerns or hesitations they had before choosing your product?
  • Why did they choose your product over alternative solutions?


Collecting this data has been a key marketing strategy for many companies over recent years. Companies can leverage this data to better serve their customers through every point of the customer journey.

What are the Benefits of Voice of Customer Data?

Why should a company care about the Voice of Customer? Simply put, Voice of Customer research can affect every aspect of your business, from your marketing to customer service to, ultimately, your bottom line. Here are some of the top benefits of collecting Voice of Customer data:


  • Know what messages to convey: Conveying the correct message on your website, social media, and other marketing material is crucial for customer engagement. Without VoC data, you won’t understand what motivates your customers to behave the way they do. VoC allows you to match your marketing and branding to what your customers actually want to hear.
  • Improve your products/services: How do you know the products/services you are offering are truly what your customers want? Unless you have VoC data, you don’t – you’re just guessing. There can often be a disconnect between what you think your customer wants and what they actually VoC helps bridge this disconnect and allows your company to tailor your products for your intended audience.
  • Improve customer retention: One of uses of VoC research is to analyze why former customers have left your services. With this information, you can address problems or issues in your product to better improve customer retention.

Capturing Voice of Customer Data

There are numerous ways companies capture Voice of Customer data. It could be as simple as mining customer feedback on social media or as complex as utilizing specialized software. Here are some ways companies capture VoC data:

  • Social media mining
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer interviews
  • Specialized VoC software/platforms
  • Mining customer logs from online chatbots


iGlobe: Let Us Help You Engage With Your Customers!

The power of Voice of Customer data cannot be overstated. VOC helps you understand your customers more so that you can better engage with them. It gives you a basis for making key business decisions that will resonate with your customers.

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