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Game Localization in all major international languages

Our team consists of native language translators who are based in your target markets, providing localization services in all major languages to help your game win over local players quickly, so that your business can flourish and reach all corners of the world.

Best-Selling Books IP Rights Management

iGlobe’s copyright agency service currently represents close to 400 best-selling European and North American IP titles, including stories of popular genres such as romance, paranormal adventure, and dark fairy tales. We have signed up 30 authors, of whom 18 are USA Today Best-selling Authors. Our copyright manager worked for top-tier publishers with an extensive network of experienced writers, who can offer the latest and best books for you to select distribution or gaming rights therefrom. With premium contents and services, we are dedicated to helping you conquer the globe of games!

Voice Over & Audio Production

iGlobe offers a full dubbing and voiceover service which includes everything from initial casting, directing, audio recording and editing. We have a highly talented team in Toronto that works with state-of-the-art recording facilities and has a strong connection to local casting, allowing us to work with new talent as well as established high profile performers.

Music Composition & Incidental Scoring

iGlobe has a team of composers and sound engineers with years of experience working on video games, television shows, and feature films. We have experts in many genres of music ranging from classical music to pop/rock. We typically do digital compositions however we can also arrange for a live orchestra recording for an affordable and very competitive price!

24/7 Customer Service & Community Management

Timely feedback to your customers builds loyalty and increases your sales. We have perfected the art of being reliable through our exceptional multilingual customer service. In so doing, we help you build and develop a dynamic community that makes game localization borderless.
Community management

Globalized Games Marketing

To attract players from across the world, we customize our marketing development strategies to reach a wider playerbase. We help create, optimize, deliver and track campaigns in key target markets across all channels, including in-game marketing to increase purchases.

Localization project management

With our top-notch project managers, who create suitable market strategies tailored to your target playerbase, you can definitely expect results through our successful localization process. They rigorously review the quality of translations, precisely control the progress of projects, and effectively evaluate market reactions in time to ensure your project moves forward and generates cash flows rapidly. To make sure your products are taking the market by storm!