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What is Brand Voice and Why it matters

By Hagen Weiss

Whether you realize it or not, your company has a brand voice. Your website, your social media interactions, your ads – all of these contribute to your brand voice. According to Contently, 61% of people are more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content. Brand voice plays a key role in all the marketing activities that you do as a company.

What is Brand Voice?
This is the unique personality that your company gives off to your customers. This personality manifests itself through various channels, including your:

● Website
● Blog posts
● Social media posts
● Email newsletters
● Ads
● Customer support
● Online content
● Real life interactions

It’s how you portray your words. It’s the attitude or vibe you give off. Whatever it is that makes your company unique is part of your brand voice.

Some companies can have a professional-sounding brand voice. Others may be fun or quirky. Others may be casual. Brand voice varies from company-to-company. And, it’s up to you to ensure it resonates with your intended audience.

Why Does Brand Voice Matter?
This is a crucial aspect of every company’s marketing strategy. Why? Simply because it matters to your customers.

According to a Sprout Social Index survey, when asked why some brands stood out more than others, 40% said it was because of memorable content. Likewise, 33% said it was because of the company’s distinct personality. And, finally, 32% said it was because of compelling storytelling.

Consumers are craving personality. After all, they themselves are people too. They want to see personality in companies. In an age where there are many choices, they want something memorable, something that peaks their attention. And, something they can relate to. Brand voice allows you to do exactly that – to engage your customers in a memorable and unique way.

How Do I Develop a Brand Voice?
Here are three practical steps to developing your brand voice:

1. Analyze your business: Find descriptive words that describe your business. Pour through all your content, marketing material, website, etc., and try to identify your tone and style. Is it more corporate-like? Is it friendly? Is it authoritative and confident? Or, perhaps it’s more fun and jovial. Whatever it is, write it down and make note of it.
2. Define your brand voice: Once you’ve come up with a list of descriptors, decide which ones you’d like to stick with. Base your decision on your customers – what type of brand voice would resonate best with them?
3. Adjust your content: With your brand voice set, adjust all your past content to ensure it matches with your brand voice. All new content must also match. It’s crucial your company maintains consistency in your brand voice. Inconsistency can turn off any existing or prospective customers.

iGlobe: Translation, Localization, and Marketing Agency
As you can see, this kind of work is important because it’s important to your customers. It is what makes you unique as a company. And, ultimately, it will help improve your bottom line.

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