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Why You Need a Project Manager for Your Localization Project

By Hagen Weiss

When dealing with a large localization job with multiple languages, it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving parts. Navigating a team of translators, editors, and subject matter experts to produce high-quality translations on time and on budget is no small task.

This is where the role of a project manager comes in. A project manager oversees the entire job process ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Read on as we explore the top reasons why you need a project manager for your localization project.

1. Understand Your Business Needs

To provide you the best localization or translation possible, we need to understand your business needs. A project manager will sit down with you and review what your specific requirements are. They’ll take time to learn about your target audience, writing style, and overall tone to ensure your localization or translation job meets your needs.

2. Your point of contact

In a large project, there will be multiple translators and editors working on the job. Tracking down the appropriate translator can be frustrating and is an inefficient use of your time. A project manager streamlines communications by becoming your go-to point of contact. If necessary, he or she will direct you to the appropriate translator or editor working on your job.

3. Keep track of your Localize Project progress

Projects can quickly go astray when there is no tracking or accountability involved. A project manager will ensure key milestones and deadlines are met. They’ll communicate with you any delays in the schedule or if any other problems arise.

4. Keep up with localization trends

The localization industry is constantly changing. Technological advancements, compliance issues, and market conditions are continually evolving. A project manager is up-to-date with all these trends. With this cutting-edge knowledge, they can propose ways to streamline reviews, automate tasks, and safeguard your products from compliance concerns.

5. Maintain high-quality standards to Localize Project

A localization project manager will ensure all the proper QA procedures are adhered to. It is ultimately their job to make sure the deliverables you receive are accurate and to the highest standards.

6. Find the best people for the job

For the project to succeed, you require the right people for the job. This involves assembling a team of translators, editors, proofers, subject matter experts, and more. A project manager vets the team to ensure the translation is appropriate to the locale, culture, and market your business is aiming to reach.

7. Resolve problems

Even the most well-run projects will encounter problems in one form or another. Whether it is miscommunication, a change in scope, or a quality issue, project managers will work hard to resolve any complications that may emerge during the course of the project.

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